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Calvary Chapel Kansas City Logo


This 5 foot diameter Calvary Chapel Kansas City logo was cut from 1/8" steel.   Due to it's size, it needed bracing on the back and brackets fabricated for mounting.  It's finished with a light coat of black candy paint and matte clear coat to simulate an industrial iron look. Color changing LED lights were to the backside. ...

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Bow Holder


This bow holder is made from 1/8" steel, sand blasted and powder coated. My customer dipped the hooks into a rubber compound to protect the finish on the bow while hanging.  

Elder Statesman Vineyard

Elder_Statesman_Vineyard_Metal_Sign 9.5 Feet Wide

Spanning 9.5 Feet, The Elder Statesman Vineyard sign was cut from 1/8" steel, sand blasted and powder coated in black to withstand the elements. 

Kansas City Skyline With LED


​KC skyline, cut from 1/8" polished steel with color changing lights.  Mounting on distressed wood. Ready to hang. 

Studio Red - Polished Aluminum


This sign was made from 1/8" polished aluminum and a powder coated red panel placed behind it.  Two D-rings were welded to the back side for hanging. Of course it was a cloudy day so the polished aluminum doesn't show the true shine that it really had.

Air Force Retirement Gift

Air_Force_C130_Retiremen_20190730-175036_1 Air Force Retirement Gift

Lt. Col. Richard Gunn - C130 Pilot - Retired from the Air Force recently.  His mother wanted a sign with a C130, Call sign, name and a list of the Air Force bases that he had been stationed at during his career. 

Red Fish Metal Sign with Distressed Wood

20190426_093309 TX Red Fish Metal / Distressed Wood

This Red Fish on Distressed wood was part of a raffle at the Ohmstede Fishing tournament in the Houston area.  An indoor piece made with 1/8" steel and 3/4" distressed wood.  

4 Foot Sea Turtle

Sea_Turtle 1/4" Steel Sea Turtle

This 4 foot sea turtle was cut from heavy 1/4" steel, blasted and powder coated.  I believe this was going to be placed on an exterior wall of a pool house in Georgia.  

Ohmstede Saltwater Fishing Tournament Trophies

Ohmstede_Fishing_Tournament_Trout Fishing Tournament Trophies

Ohmstede based in the Houston area asked me to make 14 trophies for their annual saltwater fishing tournament. It was a lot of work but they came out beautiful.  

Freedom Cattle Feeders, Ne

Freedom_Cattle_Feeders Nebraska Cattle Farm Sign

Freedom Cattle Feeders located in western Nebraska ordered this 8 foot sign cut from 3/16" steel.  The sign was sand blasted and powder coated before shipping to NE.  The wooden structure was build by the owner.

The Front Two


​The Front Two sign was a house closing gift for a couple who built a beautiful home in the Dallas area. The sign was cut from 1/8", sand blasted and powder coated black. My customer wasn't sure if the home owners would want to mount the sign on a wall or hang it, so we decided to place to hanging hoops at the top for the option. 

S.M.I.L.E. - Psalms 127 : 3-5


​A friend of mine helped me design this sign for his wife's Christmas present.  Each letter in SMILE represents the first letter of each of the family members names.   Psalms 127:3-5 is just a great family verse.  She also loves arrows so we worked in a few arrows, which are also very fitting for the bible verse.  This sign is f...

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Triple O Ranch Sign


Triple O Ranch located in New Braunfals TX wanted this 8 foot sign cut from a heavy duty 3/16".  Since it was going to hang from the top of the sign, they didn't want the strong winds that they usually get to  blow the sign around.  The sign was powder coated in a rustic color to simulate a rusty finish.  

Thunder Creek Equipment


​Thunder Creek Equipment in Iowa asked me to replicate their logo out of aluminum.  The basic shape was cut from 1/8" aluminum the rest was painted with automotive paint and clear coat.  1 inch space between pieces gives it a 3D look.  Hopefully I'll get a pic back once its installed and I'll add that to the gallery below.  Diff...

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Air Force Retirement Gift


A returning customer from the St. Louis area asked me to make a sign similar to the NATCA signs but for his friend who is retiring from the the Air Force.  Cut from 1/8" steel, polished, painted, clear coated and finally LEDs to backlight the Air Force Logo.  "Ryan,Just got the retirement gift today and it looks amazing! Better than I wou...

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Shaeffer Farm Sign


Great looking sign that was sent to a farm in Alabama.  They do a lot of work with combines, hence the logo.  They also farm cotton, peanuts, corn and raise beef.  Cut from 1/8" steel with hanging hoops at the top for chain.  

NATCA Metal Sign with LEDS


Here are a couple of NATCA signs that I donated to NATCA's charitable foundation auction at the Communication For Safety 2018 event.  They seem to have become pretty popular.  I'm glad that my work can help raise money for various charities.

Masons Logo


​This Masons logo was sent to the Virgin Island.  The piece is going to be mounted on a gate with pressure plates on the backside (pic below).  Stainless steel bolts and hardware were used to help combat the salty environment on the island. 

Scottish Thistle


​Scottish Thistle cut from 1/8" steel, sand blasted and powder coated black.  

Hammer Down


​2 Color sign for a family member who runs an oil field trucking company in South Texas.  Cut from 1/8" steel with 2 mounting holes. 


"Hi Ryan, The flag is AMAZING. Everyone comments on it. Great Job!! I couldn't be happier with it. I've attached a couple pictures. You are welcome use them as you would like. Thanks again for a great job and for meeting the timelines I was hoping for!!"

 Jeff C.

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